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ChexSystems is a credit reporting agency that collects and reports consumer banking incidents to member banks and credit unions. Their purpose is to reduce fraud and account abuse. Chexsystems also could protect consumers from becoming victims of identity theft and fraud. Sometimes things happen beyond a person's control, bad luck or fraud...then that incident gets reported to ChexSystems, and bang no checking account. Nice folks get stuck in ChexSystems, too!

For what reason are consumers reported to ChexSystems? Here are some examples:

Bank was unable to collect for an overdraft

ATM transaction, or automatic payment which bank honored on insufficient funds, not repaid.

Multiple overdrafts, not covered.

Savings Account, debit card or ATM abuse.


Providing false information in opening account.
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Once an incident is reported to ChexSystems it can remain for up to five years! Many banks will not open a checking account for you if you have incidents reported to ChexSystems. People can make mistakes. You can contact ChexSystems and then dispute any inaccuracies in the report. ChexSystems toll free phone number .


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