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You see an advertisement for a Cash Advance or Payday Loan and your heart sinks a little bit. You need the loan, but you know they’ll want you to pay it back within two pay periods-14 days-and how are you ever going to swing that? I mean, I guess you could ask for an extension, but you also know what that means: Additional fees. So, it seems impossible! How are you ever supposed to get a handle on your funds if the Cash Advance and Payday Loan Lenders only give you 14 days?

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Home buying mistakes to avoid

    * Waiting and waiting: There is no "perfect time" to buy — except when you can. Don't wait indefinitely. There are several important factors other than the house's price to consider — namely the current interest rates, market trends, your needs and more.

    * Be a smart buyer: So you've found the house of your dreams. Great! But try to keep your jaw off the floor when viewing it. Going ga-ga over a home right in front of the sellers or their agent might cause them to consider holding out for a higher price. Play it cool.

    * Buying the wrong size: Families grow. Even if you're single this year, this may not be the case within a year or two. Consider something slightly — but not extravagantly — larger than your current needs.

    * Not getting it in writing: We've all heard this again and again, so why ignore it? If the seller promises to replace the home's aging shingles, get it on paper — signed!

  * Excessively low-balling your offer: All of us love bargains. But if the sellers' market is doing well and you're offering 10% below the asking price, don't be surprised if you lose the home. See what nearby houses are going for and bid accordingly.

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