Borrowing Money

 Borrowing Money All of us need to borrow money from time to time and there are many ways to do this, some of them considerably more expensive than others. We offer useful and informative articles that will help you find your way through the consumer finance maze and take informed decisions. Learn about loans, payday loans, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), find out just what the figures on your credit card statement really mean. Consider all the options for funding your major purchases, and find out how to borrow what you need at the lowest possible interest rates. Find out how good a deal a home improvement loan can be, and find out why you should avoid spending on your credit card, or involving yourself in any other form of high-interest debt, if you have cheaper options. Some of the most important issues you should consider when borrowing money are what you need the money for, how much time you need to repay it and if you can afford to repay it. Secondary but important issues when borrowing money are the collateral or security for the loan, the interest rate and the late charges. You can save a good amount of money on any loan by improving your credit report thus raising your credit score before you finance. Do you know your credit score? The banks sure do! You can get a copy of your credit report and credit score from